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Frederik Van Geloven

UX designer

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As a UX/UI designer, I live and breathe digital design. I’m always hungry for new challenges that I can dream up solutions for.

Building the best possible digital products isn’t just team work, it’s a team sport. I do my best work as part of a team of driven web professionals.

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Selected Projects


  • Research

    As a UX Designer and jack of many trades, I’m no stranger to conducting research.

    Tools: User Interviews, Field Trips, Competitor Analysis, Google Analytics, Workshops, Touchpoint Meetings.

  • Story Boards, User Stories, and Workflows

    I often like to draw story boards, these are very helpful in breaking tasks down into user stories. The user stories in turn inform the application workflows. I make sure to annotate the workflows with directions and questions for the developers. The user stories and workflows often influence the final data architecture.

    Tools: Pen and paper, Spreadsheets, JIRA, Gliffy, Sketch.

  • Wireframes and Prototypes

    Despite the proliferation of platforms and devices, wireframes are still very relevant and useful. Nothing surfaces overlooked details better than a prototype, however rough it might be. Instead of clickable wireframes or mockups, I often prefer to have a working prototype in code.

    Tools: Pen and paper, Sketch, Balsamiq, Invision, Webflow, handcrafted HTML/CSS/JS.

  • Mockups and Comps

    Our pattern library has made this step somewhat redundant, but there still is a time and place for visually accurate mockups and comps. Especially when soliciting feedback or filling in gaps in the pattern library.

    Tools: Sketch, Adobe Illustrator CC, Invision.

  • Modular Design

    I like the idea of Atomic Design, but haven’t found the perfect way of implementing it into my workflow. Instead, I’ve created my own modular design system. The system is based on a pattern library which includes a style guide, Sketch template files, and HTML/CSS/JS code snippets.

  • Front-End Development

    I believe that it’s very useful for a UX/UI Designer to have a solid understanding of HTML/CSS/JS and at least a working knowledge of some other programming languages. As such I make sure to stay up to date with the latest HTML, CSS (and SASS) trends and standards, as well as maintaining a basic understanding of Javascript and PHP.

    Tools: A variety of platforms (Drupal, WordPress, Jekyll), frameworks and libraries (Bootstrap, Bourbon and Neat, etc.), handcrafted HTML/CSS/JS

  • Business Development

    In my current role as Creative Director, I'm heavily involved with business development and strategy.

  • Project Management

    While my team currently use a semi-Agile approach to project management and I'm not formally trained in Agile, I have plenty of experience making sure a project moves along a well planned path from start to finish.

    Tools: Basecamp, JIRA, Confluence.

  • SEO, Section 508 Compliance, and Web Standards

    The many years of experience I have building websites and online applications have taught me a lot about SEO, Section 508 compliance and Accessibility, and of course Web Standards.

  • Branding, Logo Design, Graphic Design

    Despite my focus on UX and web design, the occasional offline project has come my way. I've done branding and logo design, and have designed brochures, informational cards, signage and more.

    Tools: Pen and Paper, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Indesign, Sketch.

  • Additional Communication Skills

    My background in communication studies and my passion for language have helped me run social media campaigns, write website copy or blog posts, and of course pitch projects and products to potential clients.

    My native tongue is Dutch, but at this point it's not a stretch to call English my first language. I'm also fluent, if maybe a bit rusty, in French and German too.




When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my amazing wife Laura, and our 6 year old son Felix. We enjoy all kinds of outdoor activities. I'm originally from Belgium, so seasons are still somewhat new to me. Before you ask, yes, the chocolate and beer cliches apply.

What's Next?

My work at Communicate Health keeps me plenty busy these days. But it doesn't keep me from dreaming up ambitious plans to quit most social media and switch to an alternative online identity built upon Solid.